Information is the most valuable currency and whoever first learns the necessary facts, gets an advantage in planning and decision-making.

  • Client: Cubeteam
  • Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Year: 2017
  • Type: Concept & web development

CubeTeam decided to advance business and increase the availability of valuable business information. The team was established in 2012 and since they have grown from a small team to the leading provider of business information in Serbia.  

In addition to assessing credit risk, reporting, and monitoring services, CubeTeam deals with the analysis of business markets, trade reports, and competition monitoring. Solutions and sales tools are designed for a large number of already operating companies or those who are still planning to enter the Western Balkans market. 

Their services can be a game changer for a business whether it is a FMCG, car industry, financial or transport sector, agriculture industry, pharmaceutical industry or telecommunications. They have it all covered. 

We created a CUBE website in order to help CUBE Team provide their clients easy access to its data from publicly available, reliable and validated sources utilizing new technologies and great expertise of their team. We standardized and presented the data in a more useful and hands on manner.  Also, all the data is accessible 24/7 through CUBEs database, portal, and API service. 

Our approach helped CUBE Team to raise the value of the latest and verified data for their clients while in a process of making important business decisions. Through the new website, their clients are able to have an insight into the behaviour of the competition as well as to monitor their customers and suppliers.

Apart from the very intuitive website, we also created brand guidelines, visual identity and tone of voice with a strong and colourful palette which builds a statement and brings fresh perspective within the business environment. The colour spectrum is not something common for the business world where extreme simplicity prevails, but here we ventured with the intention to highly resonate with their customers, mission, and vision through colour statement. The website is trilingual, with clear navigation and a clean page structure. 

You will see that every service has its own web page. By doing so CUBE Team can position themselves better on Google and other search engines. If you check the website footer, you will see the contact form and website map. Contact form is protected with a Captcha field that prevents spam emails to get to our client inbox.

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