BarVibe is a GPS based app that present’s ambience in bars nearby using short videos.

  • Client: Barvibe
  • Location: USA
  • Year: 2017
  • Type: IOS app concept
Deliverables:IOS development

BarVibe starves to create a community of people who like to “Explore Bar Culture Diversity “and share their experiences with others on a local or worldwide level. 

Goal of this project was to develop an app that will have multiple functionalities like: Filters by type, day and location.

Possibility to upload 15 seconds long videos. Bar search: Easy way to find out what is going on in the bars nearby. User profiles and in-app community communication.

Main page will give an overview to users to see videos posted from the local bars near them and in just a few clicks they can find what’s going on around them. Also they can find short videos that show ambiance in different bars nearby. This is a new and unique way to find and feel energy in the bars that match people’s mood in certain moments.

By Type: All sorts of cocktail bars, lounges, live music venues, Latino bars, coffee shops, disco clubs, night clubs, jazz bars, beach bars, tropical bars, swizzle bars, chill out bars, classic bars, craft bars, speakeasy bars, comedy clubs, hookah bars, karaoke bars, jazz bars, pool bars, roof tops, wine bars, sports bars, pubs, after work bars or bars in their neighborhood.

By Day: Where to go on Monday? Where to go next week? Where to go this year? 

By City: This option is made for people who like to take a look on BarVibe in different cities. On this page users can see New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Boson, Dallas, Austin and many more cities in the United States. 

Users can also find functionalities such as Short video upload which gives you the possibility to record a short video with ambience in the bar (5-15 seconds long); My posts under Profile for Users’ BarVibe short videos; My favorites for all videos that someone liked on BarVibe. This page can be a great Bar Advisor; Viewed posts where you’ll find all videos that the user watched.

Bars: This page users can explore all diversity bars. They can explore bars by type, day or location.

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